Helping shape a brand from its inception is what we live for. This was the case with IFLIX, the Netflix of Southeast Asia, now hugely successful with over 1.5M subscribers.

Approached directly by IFLIX co-founder and group CEO, Mark Britt, our brief was actually quite… brief. Not because the idea wasn’t huge and in full-swing development – but because it was still very technical and lacked personality.

IFLIX needed a personality so people could feel something towards it, so investors could choose to invest in it, and eventually, so consumers could choose to like it. Mark’s words exactly, ‘Have fun with it.’ So we did.

We gave IFLIX a charismatic, fun, no bullshit personality through brand values, a manifesto, IFLIX culture, and voice and tone. This personality ran across everything from email disclaimers to employee contracts, investor presentations, headlines, the app and the website copy.

Less than a year after launch, IFLIX now has more than 1.5M subscribers, and you can still see the personality we created shining through.