The global recruiting agency who specialises in creative and digital, came to us looking to rebrand. Logo, font and colours were to stay, but everything else was up for grabs.

After conducting a strategy and positioning session, we set about our task which was to create a unique look and simplified language, combined with an easily executable design solution to get every office around the globe on the same page.

We created eye-catching flat graphics, that complemented the existing branding, to tell a visual story of become’s offerings and stats. On the copy side, we re-evaluated their brand values and devised an acronym to present them. We also simplified their language by removing any sign of ‘recruiter jargon’ and by making their tone conversational.

To solve the problem of global brand consistency, we set-up a cloud-based style guide, with downloadable templates and design assets. This enables every employee around the world to easily create social posts, job listings and print material that looks beautiful and on-brand.

We continue to work with become on all their global branding, copywriting and design needs.